Pay People with Popmoney

Popmoney allows you to pay anyone with an email address, cell phone number or bank account. Use it to pay friends, split expenses, send last-minute gifts, pay rent, and more! 

Curious about how it works? 

We've made a couple easy-to-follow guides that walk you through the basics:

Popmoney Enrollment Guide

Popmoney Payment Guide

Top 3 Common Questions

For a full list of FAQs for Popmoney, click here

How do I register for Popmoney?

To register for Popmoney using a PC or laptop, log into Online Banking, click on Move Money then click on Pay People with Popmoney and follow the registration prompts.

To register for Popmoney on your mobile device, simply log into your mobile app, tap on the More button, tap on Popmoney and follow the registration prompts. 

How do I send money to someone?
  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click on Move Money
  3. Click on Pay People with Popmoney
  4. Select an existing contact or create a new contact
  5. Type in the amount you want to send
  6. Select a payment date
  7. Choose your delivery speed - either Standard (3 day) or Express (Next Day)
  8. Select the account to send funds from
  9. Type in a personalized message for your contact (optional)
  10. Click Continue
  11. Review your transaction on the next screen and click Send Payment
Are there limits to the amount of money I can send?

Standard payments have a daily limit of $2,500 and a monthly limit of $5,000.

Express payments (if available) have a daily limit of $1,000 and a monthly limit of $3,000.


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